About This Site

I made this site so I could express what's either bugging me, or hopefully causing me great joy. It's not a blog because I won't add to it just to keep adding. A lot of this is stuff that has been thrilling or bugging me for a really long time.

The site is running in a content management system called Drupal, developed by Redfin Solutions so that I can offer my client much more affordable websites. I figured I should drink my own whiskey, hence this site.

Jon Sachs

Plus which, this is an attempt towards simplicity in a web site. Sites are so complex that most of them give me a headache. This is intended to be the opposite of that. Maybe my content will give you a headache, but at least the site will soothe.

Read about the extraordinary Manfred Klein, who created the free font from which I got my two bird logo.


When Bob Dylan was being honored by the Old Left in New York, in the early 60's, he horrified them by telling them that there was no left wing or right wing, but only up wing and down wing.

I imagined he felt like he was being drowned by the earnest politics of a earlier generation.

What do you do when people and causes you loved become a huge emotional drag on you? If you are Dylan, you turn your back. For the rest of us, it's not that easy.