The Green Party Problem


The Tragedy of Absolute Idealism
I always wondered how in the 30s things went so drastically right wing in Germany, a very educated, modern country. It seems that the left was split into many factions that refused to give an inch on their precious principles. As a result, a single unified right wing party took over.

Let me be very very clear: I am not comparing Romney (or Bush) to Hitler, not at all. What I am saying is that leftists, in pursuit of purity, endanger the whole.

If I thought the Green Party had even a remote chance to win I would support it. But it is beyond obvious that nearly every person who votes Green is taken from Democratic ranks, not from the Republicans. 


A vote for Stein is a vote for Romney

I heard Jill Stein speak and I think she is terrific, and I agree with just about every position she holds as candidate for president with the Green Party. And I am disappointed in a number ways with Obama's presidency.

But it seems to me that there IS a difference between Romney and Obama, just as there was between Bush and Gore. And the Green Party might have cost Gore that election, with very real consequences. I don't think Gore would have taken us to war in Iraq, and several hundred thousand people would still be alive. More Americans died in Iraq than in 9/11.

So the prospect of leftists voting for Jill Stein and the Green Party scares me. Scares me a lot.

I think that Romney will continue to hand the country even more fully into the hands of the corporations that almost control the government now. The rich will get richer. The Supreme Court will shift further right.