Bringing It All Back Home

I grew up at a time when the most important thing in life was The Next Dylan Album.

Since the site takes its name from Dylan, and I was raised on Dylan, was a serious Dylan freak, might as well start the art part with a few thoughts on Dylan.

When I was a disaffected teenager in the mid-sixties, the most important thing in life was the Next Dylan Album. Each one, from the first two onward, was mind altering, and not in relation to drugs.

I didn't listen only to Dylan. The music we had was astounding, from Beatles to Hendrix to Stones and much more. But Dylan was The Thing.

I remember thinking then, and even today, that there was more truth in Dylan when he was lying than in all the rest when they are telling the truth.

And Dylan was always lying, in a way. He wasn't Bob Dylan, he was Bob Zimmerman. But there is more truth in his becoming Bob Dylan than in staying Zimmerman. He wasn't little Bobby Zimmerman, neurotic Jewish kid from a furniture store family. He was Bob Dylan, the voice of the 60s. It would have been a bigger lie to keep his real last name and persona.

I'm glad kids today are going back to listen to Dylan. But I can't help thinking that we were lucky: we lived it from album to album.

Not Left or Right?

One of the most conservative people I know turns out to be a very big Dylan fan. He has albums that even I don't buy. This is a caution to those (of us) who want to think that all who appreciate Dylan's art really are left wing at heart. It ain't necessarily so, to quote a Jewish kid from a generation or two before Dylan.