Manfred Klein





Artwork by Manfred Klein

Manfred Klein is a German font designer and illustrator who has created hundreds of brilliant free fonts and put them online for free.

The birds in my logo above are from his African Angels and Spirits Font.

Some of his fonts are actual letter fonts, many others are just collections of his incredible illustrations. I'm guessing that when he got his first Wacom tablet he went nuts drawing thousands of sketches, and then he popped them into font format and gave them away.

He can do everything from uncanny Picasso or Matisse style sketches to geometric shapes to charming childlike drawings.

I am in awe of his drawing ability, and have used his work in both websites and books. And I have taken his suggestion and donated some noticeable dollars to Doctors Without Borders, which is how he suggests you can pay.

Here is Manfred's own website, though it is all in German, which I can't read. Google Translate will provide a workable and amusing translation of his site.

To the right are three of the sketches from his free fonts and these show his range of styles, all done with a sure hand. The horse is from Sketches of Spain, one of many tributes to Picasso. I like his Picasso drawings better than the real stuff. The two green figures are from African Angels and Spirits, along with my twin bird logo. The people talking at the bottom are from Busy People, one of two woodcut style illustration fonts he created.

There is much MUCH MUCH more out there by him, and all the fonts are available free for both Mac and PC.

I am a giant fan both of Manfred Klein's work AND the spirit in which he has contributed it to the world.