keyboard wave

We need the black and white keys to be different in order to get what we want from the piano. But as soon as we group ourselves we start to make judgements about the other group.

Also strikes me that both ebony AND ivory are nearly lost to the extinction. Will issues of global survival eclipse the issue of race? or just amplity race as a factor?

There is one particular thing I really don't understand about race in America.

I understand why racism exists; I believe that all of us harbor some degree of racism, as defined as making judgements about others based purely on their race.

The thing I don't understand is how black people don't flip out more, just from the sheer daily annoyance of it. I am very easily annoyed: people who tailgate me make me nuts, dumb computer problems make me crazy, long waits at the check-out lines aggravate me.

But if I had to go through a day where every white person I ran into gave me a dirty look and assumed I was some sort of criminal — I couldn't last a week, maybe not even a day.

Many of the things that irritate the heck out of me have to do with driving: idiots on the road, tailgaters, traffic jams. But if I also had to squelch my anger to avoid getting yanked out of my car by angry police — as happens way more often to black people — I would go nuts. Quickly.

So what I don't get is how black people in America deal with – in addition to not getting jobs, bad schools, etc — the daily grind of nasty looks, mumbled comments, and just plain attitude they get from whites.

I don't have any suggestions here. I just want to acknowledge the people that fairly gracefully put up with crap every day that would send me out of control.

"Post-Racist" is Nonsense

The idea that with Obama as president the race issue is over is absurd. Hate groups have exploded in numbers since his election. 

The idea that with a few thousand wealthy black athletes and musicians there is no longer a race problem is silly.

A White-Only America is Not America

The three major Ken Burns films, The Civil War, Baseball, and Jazz were all rooted in race in America. Without black people, America is not America. Yet we have not figured out how to deal with race. I think, like other things, racism is both getting better and getting worse at the same time.