The company was first called The Slide Center. Later we changed it to CenterMedia as we became a multi-media and web company.

In the 1970s and 80s 35mm slides were the primary visual tools that companies and orther organizations used in meetings. We make probably a half million "word slides", mostly blue or black background slides with tons of words. We probably helped put more people to sleep than No-Doz.

I started and ran a company for over 25 years.

I learned a great deal along the way, including the fact I am entirely unsuited by personality to run a company.

For some, I was the greatest boss they ever had. For others, the worst. I was an idiot. I worked extremely hard for most of those 25 years, many 80 and 100 hour weeks. When it was all over and I ran out of steam I had nothing to show for it, in terms of money. Less than nothing, I had debt.

I hired and fired well over a hundred people in those years, as the company grew and shrank due to the market conditions and mostly due to technology changes.

I find myself ruminating on all those years, occasionally. When I think of something worth sharing I will add it here.