I can't help pondering President Eisenhower's farewell address, wherein he warned America to be wary of the military-industrial complex. He was a war hero, and a very popular fellow. He was a Republican, and he was sounding an alarm about runaway military spending. What is even stranger to recall is that President Kennedy ran a campaign strongly based on a fictitious missile gap between us and the Russians.Ike stamp

Don't get me wrong: the day JFK was shot was one of the worst days of my life (I was 13 years old). I think America fell into a funk that it never quite came out of. Not even with the help of the Beatles.

But what does it say when a Republican president with the ultimate military credentials warns us about the military and industry running amok? And, of course, it made absolutely no difference, as JFK proceeded to ramp up defense spending and look to "brush-fire-wars" to stop the spread of communism. Like in a far off place called Vietnam.

This is all just to remind us that both left wing and right wing can go down wing.

Trending right, very right.
Trace the progression of Republican presidents from Ike onward: Eisenhower > Nixon > Reagan > Bush 1> Bush 2. Regardless of your politics, you have to admit things are moving pretty far right on the GOP side. Meanwhile none of the Democrats has been to the left of FDR.

I would vote Republic if there was a candidate who would bring us back to certain aspects of the Eisenhower era, in particular balanced budgets where rich people and companies paid their share of taxes.